Elmhurst Geeks of the Everflame

Angry Frogs and Ray of Stinking Cloud

Session 2, part 2

It’s the morning of the second day since the four villagers left Kassen on the quest for the Everflame. They eat breakfast, do their studying and praying, break camp, and return to the crypt. They walk through the pool room to the southwest exit door, which they believes leads to the big central blank space on the map they’ve been making. The key they found in the firepit room opens the door. With Galvor in the lead, they creep down the hallway to a second door. Valeros and Chastity are lugging the enormous tower shields from the golem room. Galvor crouches to open the door, with Valeros holding a tower shield directly behind him.

As the door swings open, the party hears a click and then the sound of rattling machinery fills the corridor. The room ahead is circular, with a deep pit around a central pillar, doors in the west and south walls, and a short walkway across the pit. Seconds after the door opens, crossbow bolts shoot out of the central pillar and hit Galvor and Valeros, who’s been sticking his head out from behind the shield. There’s no serious damage; the bolts have rounded tips. The pillar fires again seconds later. Galvor and Valeros move into the room. Valeros carries the tower shield in front of himself for cover, but Galvor trusts his agility to keep him safe as he crosses the walkway and easily disables the pillar’s firing mechanism. Moving to the south wall, he attempts to open the door, but is unable to do so until the gears finish their cycle and the rattling machinery runs down. The door unlocks itself with a soft click.

Galvor is in the lead again as the party enters a pillared room with stairs at its south end. He quickly relinquishes the lead when four blood-drenched skeletons step from their hiding place behind the pillars. Valeros steps up to meet their slow charge and dismembers one with a few slices of his sword. Chastity channels the power of Serenrae into the other 3 skeletons, destroying them completely. The villagers carefully advance down the stairs to the lower level.

There’s a small circular chamber at the bottom of the stairs, and some directions are carved into the floor. The party thinks that the “rest” to the south sounds pretty good, so they go investigating and find a burbling silver fountain in a quiet room at the end of a corridor. Ezren Detects Magic at the water feature, and is pleased to discover healing properties. Ezren and Chastity both drink from the fountain and are healed, restored, and refreshed. Everyone is pleased. Galvor and Valeros dump out their waterskins and fill them from the fountain.

The villagers go back to the crossroads and go east, then south. They come to a room overgrown with a suspiciously sizzling fungus, with suspiciously burnt animal corpses floating in suspiciously deep water. They decide to try another way.

The party follows a hallway north. The passage gradually descends into a flooded area, and the villagers are knee-deep by the time they get around the corner to the next door. Listening at the door, Galvor detects a faint “ribbit” sound. Opening the door reveals two gigantic angry-looking frogs perched on stone sarcophagi half-submerged in the murky water flooding the area. Galvor attempts to do a fancy jump trick onto the nearest sarcophagus but the water hampers him, so he splashes and climbs up instead. The nearest frog unexpectedly lashes out a 15-foot tongue and grabs him. Valeros wades into the room, ducks under the sticky tongue and attacks the frog in the face. Ezren is close behind with a magic missile, and the frog dies, releasing Galvor.

Another frog appears from below the water’s surface, and the rest of the party moves into the room to fight. The third frog grabs Galvor with its tongue and drags him towards its gaping mouth. Valeros and Chastity attack, Ezren fires another magic missile. The second frog dies. Ezren switches to his Ray of Frost cantrip. The third frog senses its imminent defeat and attempts to retreat to safety, pulling Galvor along, but it loses its sticky grip and releases the rich kid, who drops on top of the farthest sarcophagus. Ezren confidently raises his hand to finish off the last frog with a Ray of Frost, but something goes terribly wrong…

Instead of sparkly frost, a terrible stinking cloud flies from Ezren’s outstretched finger. The opaque gas instantly expands to fill the chamber, and the stone walls echo with the sound of frog and human retching. Galvor, doubled over, tries to back away from the frog. Valeros lurches west, following the wall of the chamber, looking for fresh air. Chastity pukes into the knee-deep water. Ezren, protected by his stuffed sinuses, is unaffected by the cloud, and advances toward the frog’s last position. The frog stumbles into the far corner of the room, where the vapor is thin, and starts to recover itself. Moments later the cloud dissipates, but everyone except Ezren is still incapacitated with nausea. Ezren wades toward the frog, blasting Rays of Frost at it as it hunkers down and spits up its last few meals. The frog recovers, but too late to do anything except lash its tongue ineffectively at Ezren. Ezren kills it with one more cantrip.


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