Chastity grew up in Kassen with family of gypsies roaming the land singing to people who would pay a copper or too to see a show. Her mother was young, her father the more experienced performer. She felt pressure to become bard like her parents before her, but she was not comfortable with her voice.

As Chastity came of age her parents had become more successful performing before larger crowds at greater distances from home it left little time for a young girl. She had been left at home with a controlling female nanny, repressing Chastitys feminine side.

As the years went by her parents split and her mother went on to sing songs while scantily clad for sailors. He father, who had become a politician, would die in a horrible skiing accident that would turn chastity towards being a cleric. “no one needs to feel the pain my father did” she would often say to renew her faith as she whittled wood.

Chastity never felt normal though, her love of bowling, softball, lumberjack sports and beer led her to feel more man than woman. She had decided to seek adventure to pay for continued schooling to learn even more powerful spells that she may one day use to become the person she always felt she was on the inside. A man named Chaz.


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